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The Rehabilitation Counselor in Professional Practice

In a nutshell, what is the book or product about?  The book is a text book for students in colleges and universities with a major in rehabilitation counseling. However, the book also has wide application to practicing rehabilitation counselors involved in job placement and providing vocational testimony on disability in the Social Security courtroom and associated professionals.

What led you to create it? There is no text book available and few materials written by non-academicians. For Dr Wells, it is a legacy to the field after 35 years of assisting future counselors, therapists, and job placement coordinators learn to help people with disabilities find jobs.

What need does the book fill?  The book is a practical guide to job placement written by authors with on-the-job experience in vocational counseling and job placement for persons with disabilities, testifying on disability in the courtroom, and teaching over 50 rehabilitation counseling seminars and conferences. This book fills the need for a well written, comprehensive training resource for students and for professionals who want to expand their expertise and practice. It was written by an experienced author with 35 years of work in the field. It is important to note the field is expected to grow “faster than average” by 2022.

How is the topic increasing in importance rather than declining?  The field of rehabilitation is expected to grow “faster than average” by 2022 according to the Department of Labor. The majority of this growth will be in the vocational side of rehabilitation, mainly in counseling work issues and testifying in court on disability issues. Professionals working in the field have learned the ropes on the job. This book is the only basic text designed to prepare counselors for the vocational aspects of professional practice.

Who is going to buy your book or product?  The target audience for this book includes: students of rehabilitation, practicing rehabilitation in government agencies, vocational experts providing testimony for the Social Security, and attorneys with disabled clients. It would be of interest to existing professionals in related fields who want to expand their expertise or want to understand other elements of the field in more detail. The name recognition of the authorship should make the content attractive to attorneys with a practice in disability, state agency counselors, job placement specialists with organizations (for example – Goodwill) and private practice counselors in rehabilitation.

Reading level – College

Education level – High school graduate, college student or graduate, educated professional

Place in career – Entry level, mid-career, and advanced professionals who want to change their specialty or expand an existing practice

Specific fields – counseling, legal education, teachers, employers of many types, human service  professionals, specialized clerical, medical,

What magazines or professional journals do they read?  The main author published 19 articles in professional journals and trade publications which include: American Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, among others.

What associations do they belong to and what conferences do they attend?  Author and Co-Author have been members of these organizations. These are local and national organizations, but there are similar local organizations throughout the US that could be approached about the book.

  • International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP)
  • Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (VARP)
  • International Round Table for the Advancement of Counseling
  • Staunton Mayor’s Committee for the Handicapped
  • Virginia Chapter of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
  • National Organization of Social Security Claims Representatives (NOSSCR)



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