A Guide to Becoming a Vocational Expert with the Social Security Administration

Table of Contents

Introduction. 6

Rehabilitation Counselors serving as Vocational Experts with the Social Security Administration: 10

Background: The Emergence of the Vocational Expert in Social Security Hearings: 15

Persons Participating in a Social Security Hearing: 26

The Hearing Process: 33

Administration Law Judge’s Opening Statement. 34

Reviewing the Case Record: Forming a Vocational Profile: 43

Case Review Worksheet. 46Becoming a Vocational Expert with the Social Seciurity Administation

Building a Vocational Profile: 49

Classifying the Past Work: 51

Questions to the VE in Hypothetical Form: 56

Sample Hypothetical Questions Posed During Vocational Testimony  58

Identifying Jobs in the National Economy: 66

Common Hypothetical Questions: 68

Sources of Information for Vocational Experts: 75

Classification of Jobs: 77

Characteristics of Jobs: 81

Numbers for the Jobs in the National and Regional Economy: 85

Qualifying the Vocational Expert in a Disability Hearing: 87

Cross Examination of the Vocational Expert: 90

Suggestions for Responding to Hypothetical Questions  103

Appendix. 106

Vocational Factors: 106

  1. Factor # 1: Age, and the Ability to Adjust to Alternative Work: 106

Factor # 2: Formal Education and Vocational Training: 109

Educational Categories: 112

Factor # 3: Work Experience: 114

Levels of Exertion. 116

Significant Vocational Preparation (SVP) 118

Identification of Work Skills: 119

Identification of Work Skills and their Transferability  122

References. 130

Other Books by the Authors. 133