The Rehabilitation Counselor in Professional Practice is primarily about disability and work; that is, the impact of a disabling RehabilitationCounselorProPractice-Covercondition upon someone’s ability to work. The content is much broader, however. The focus of the text is upon the working class of people in America,  the main clientele for rehabilitation counselors – –  and the problems  they face when an accident, such as an injury at work, or mental condition, such as  a bipolar or fibromyalgia condition, occur that robs them of their identity, their livelihood, and their hopes and aspirations. The book provides a vocational profile of the working people and their employers, identification of jobs normally performed by working people, ways to provide motivation and empowerment during a job search, strategies for finding appropriate work, and practical ways to raise the level of  participation of our clientele in the job search. Job placement strategies include determining functional abilities, using the internet in a job search, and networking in a community for jobs. The approaches to job placement presented in this text stress the importance of professional knowledge and human empathy; but, rely upon practical applications dealing with difficult with issues and “tough love” to achieve results. In this publication the authors, father and daughter, bring to the practice of rehabilitation counseling two generation of formal university education and practical experience in helping persons with disabilities improve their lives and work.

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